The University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Annual In-Person Conference 2024

June 14, 2024

9:00 am – 2:30 pm

School of Continuing Studies
640 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20001 – Getting There (new window)

The Conference is free, but parking is not. Metro-accessible Gallery Place/Chinatown

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Conference Sponsors

  • Georgetown University, Center for Child and Human Development, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (GUCEDD)
  • Georgetown University, Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (GU LEND)
  • Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies, Certificate in Early Intervention
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)
  • Disability Rights DC at University Legal Services.


  • Developmental Disabilities Council of DC (DD Council)
  • Disability Rights DC
  • DC Autism Parents

Supporting students with or at-risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) & their families in navigating educational transitions (aged 3-21 years)

Event Details

This no-cost conference focuses on developmental transitions from early childhood through the school-age years to young adulthood. Content will include the many natural transitions that occur across early intervention; preschool; elementary, middle, and high school; and the major transition from high school to postsecondary opportunities, with goals of employment and living in the community. Children and youth with or at-risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families may experience hope and concern during these inflection points. Challenges large and small exist and it is important to identify strategies across child and adolescent development to make transitions in ways that are student- and family-centered. Navigating transitions can be difficult due to a knowledge gap about transition processes, and lack of access to transition-related resources and supports. This convening will center the experiences of students with a range of support needs, families, educators, and educational leaders in the DC-area. We will engage in a series of discussions about best practices in supporting educational transitions for young children through young adults (ages 3-21 years).

Our convening will consist of:

  • A keynote speaker who will transitions from a lifespan perspective
  • A morning panel of experts from the District who will discuss both challenges in local infrastructure for developmental transitions, as well as opportunities and promising approaches for building local capacity to support educational transitions for students with IDD in proactive and comprehensive ways
  • A lunch time ceremony to acknowledge the work in the community and celebrate our Georgetown program graduates
  • Afternoon breakout discussions focused on equitable ways to successfully support transition for young children and students with disabilities

Please choose which breakout session you will attend:

  • Early intervention to preschool special education transitions
  • Elementary and middle school transitions
  • High school to postsecondary learning opportunities or employment

Participants will leave our convening with a better understanding of:

  • The various educational transitions for learners with disabilities in the District of Columbia 
  • The scope of the challenges in accessing transition in the local education sector
  • Solutions and promising practices to support successful transitions for students with IDD with a range of support needs and their families.


  • Interpretation in Spanish & ASL 

(if you need other accessibility, please let us know)